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Lamination Film

Lamination Film

Lamination Film
PKC - Digi-Melt OPP Film
PKCs Digi-melt Thermal OPP Laminating Films are developed for more easy & perfect lamination with Digital Output (Digital printing materials).
Most of digital output makes it impossible for most laminating films to adhere to the surface of the digital print(digital output) but PKC's "Digi-melt" film is one of premium themral lamination film with more aggressive adhesion which is specially developed for the lamination with latest digital prints materials.
This "Digi-melt" film is designed with a strong adhesive that has been applied our unique chemical composition by self-developed our own manufacturing process with formunation specially for easy & perfect lamination with prints from like - HP, Xerox, Canon,,etc of toner based digital printing outputs
as well as some of inkjet output.
Characteristic of PKC Thermal Bopp Lamination Films
Environmental Friendly - 100% free from A/C(Anchor Coating) chemical materials.
No use A/C materials - eliminating the risk of fire and ordor
Applicable to any size width (150mm - 2,600mm)
Superior tensile streng & Chemical resistance
Low melting temperature & Low level pressure
Strong bond(adhesive) strength
Excellent Transparencey(gloss) & clarity(haze)
High durability and softness
Lay flat and no curl effect
Lamination Film


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