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Thermal Opp Films

Thermal Opp Films

Thermal Opp Films
PKC - Thermal OPP Film
PKC Thermal Bopp Lamination Films are produced by fully automated mass-production lines system and it has been mainly through our unique extrusion production lines, and we always apply 100% safety raw materials to the human-being and eco-friendly materials to make environmental-friendly Thermal Bopp Lamination films products.
So, especially, we do not apply A/C(Anchor Coating) chemical harmful materials to all of our production of Thermal Bopp Lamination films due to the same as above reasons.
We've also developed our own unique raw materials for base films and adhesive(EVA, EEA,,etc) materials which is used to be applied for strong adhesiveand low melting temperature during the lamination process on prints.
PKC's products are engineered to last and designed to provide a safer environment for over the many years, and our current series of quality products have endured virtually every test you could encounter in ordinary use, and the proof of success is all over the world market places.
Characteristic of PKC Thermal Bopp Lamination Films (Gloss & Matt)
Environmental Friendly - 100% free from A/C(Anchor Coating) chemical materials.
No use A/C materials - eliminating the risk of fire and ordor
Applicable to any size width (150mm - 2,600mm)
Superior tensile streng & Chemical resistance
Low melting temperature & Low level pressure
Strong bond(adhesive) strength
Excellent Transparencey(gloss) & clarity(haze)
High durability and softness
Lay flat and no curl effect
Thermal Opp Films

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