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metallized bopp film

Metallized bopp film

Metallized bopp film
PKC ? Metalized Film
PKCs Thermal Metalized Films are developed for more valuable printing finish.
We are currently supplying various colors like - Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, etc and we
can apply for more specific colors by customers request.
PKCs all of Metalized Films make it possible to print over the surface of films after the lamination.
So, now we are supplying our Meatalized films to all over the world market places for luxury production packaging or printing fihish in general.
Characteristic of PKC Thermal OPP Laminating Films
Applicable to over-coating or printing after the lamination.
Superior tensile strength & chemical resistance
Low melting temperature & Low level pressure
Strong adhesiveness after lamination
Metalizing or printed colors will not easily come off.
No wrinkle and curl during the lamination progress
metallized bopp film
metallized bopp film

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