Glossy Laminating Film
Basically, we use the highest quality PET, PE and extrusion EVA, special grade of lowest melt adhesive materials.
We do confirm that you can laminate all paper product, document, catalogue, artwork, and specially photographs¡¦, etc. with perfect satisfaction.
Anti-Static Laminating Film
For a high level of quality market purpose.
Color Laminating Film
For more various application we supplies more than 24 colors in laminating film.
Standard color - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Matt Laminating Film
You can write-on/wipe-off on the matt laminating film obtaining best result in lamination on this application.
Filex Laminating Film
For more convenient, Filex pre-punched hole films are specialized for preserving documents efficiently available with every type of bindings.
Self Adhesive Laminating Film(Sticky Back)
- Innoxious by a water-adhesive base
- 20 ~ 30 times of flexibility
Photo-Free Hot Laminating Film
This film can be used for the photo-graphics laminating with any kinds of laminators in both heating roller (direct laminating) type and heat plate (indirect laminating) type.
The available thickness is between 80 MIC and 250 MIC.
Cold Laminating Film(Self Laminating Film)
Cold laminating film can be laminated instantly without laminator¡¯s operation.
Fast, easy, perfect and convenient!
Hot Stamping Foil
It is used for transferring color copy image on to other surfaces of toner based material by passing through the laminator.
It makes by any toner based printed materials.
UV Laminating Film
- UV (Ultra Violet) Protecting Film : Specially it protect inside of materials from the U.V layer even though when it used for sunny side outdoor advertisement.
- UV Absorb Film
- UV Fluorescence Printing Film : Specialized for high level security.
Hologram Film
- Hologram image on the film
- Usually security purpose
OHP Transparency Film
High Speed Copier Transparencies (PPC): PPC film ideal for printers and copiers
- Anti-static coated both side OHP film
- Mono or Color paper copier
- 100 MIC thickness
Each Size of Film

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